In the Summer of 2018, after the successful launch of their website and opening of their new distillery, The Macallan showed us the concept for a global campaign they planned to launch in November. They requested that we conceive how this could live in the digital sphere, connecting and captivate viewers beyond the campaign film.
Our response was to devise an engaging content hub on their site that explained the mindset and philosophy behind “Make The Call,” sharing the calculated risks and choices The Macallan makes in their pursuit of the exceptional; inspiring people to choose a bigger life. In order to create 18 articles to support the campaign we took a deep dive into the world of the brand, exploring their history, the decisions behind their new Distillery and Visitor Experience, and how they choose to invest in each step of their wood journey.
The website experience brings the ‘Make The Call’ content to life, seamlessly bringing users from the initial film into the content through an immersive experience across devices and setting the tone for future interactions.
(Banner image created by JWT)