When U.S. food brand giant General Mills wanted to create a digital-first brand, they came to us. Instead of their traditional, above the line marketing push for Parampara, we worked with the General Mills team to enter today’s sophisticated marketplace with an innovative and strategic launch strategy. The brief required us to develop an in depth understanding of a specific new target consumer group, and assemble a forward-thinking marketing mix of the best digital channels available in order to successfully introduce them to the new product range.

Knowledge of how the target audience interacted with other brands online was crucial, so we hosted a series of workshops and discovery sessions. Working collaboratively with international General Mills teams and a host of stakeholder agencies, we developed a 12-month roadmap of digital and more traditional brand ideas, all based around enhancing the story, engaging users and creating brand advocates through digital and social channels. Influencing the conversation, building brand curiosity, and ultimately, creating loyalty for this new brand were our goals. The core element, a bespoke social media trial and recommendation mechanic built by our team, that is capable of simultaneously driving word-of-mouth awareness whilst capturing valuable new user data for future campaign phases.

Exceeding clients’ expectations always fills us with pride, and General Mills were delighted to receive such a highly capable, technology-driven solution to their brief. We provided a brand new system that can deliver a supporting custom sampling mechanic, complex data acquisition, and a rich, engaging, socially integrated digital experience.