As Digital Partners to the British Fashion Council, we provide a variety of services to help brands and designers grow in digital.

Our Creative Director, Karl, is an expert on eCommerce in the Chinese and Asian markets and has given several presentations on the art of UX and design with these regions in mind. Highlighting the key differences in user behaviours, and social activities in these countries in order to help brands better penetrate these markets.

Richard has held seminars around evolving tech and it’s relevance to the fashion business in a wider context. Smart technology, immersive in-store experiences, and interactive social all work to create new, hugely exciting ways for designers to connect with a wider audience.

As a team, we work together to mentor young designers, helping them understand the possibilities of digital and giving them the confidence to grow their brand to it’s full potential. Over time, we discuss eCommerce, marketing, social and all other aspects of creating and maintaining a successful presence in the modern market.