Songs have this undeniable ability to transport us, often triggering memories and feelings long forgotten. Hope and Homes for Children’s End the Silence campaign is helping bring awareness to the millions of orphan children who have been taught to be quiet, to have no voice. It dynamically brings together stars from the music industry like Ed SheeranPaul Weller and Elton John, and from Formula One– the loudest forms of entertainment– to help End The Silence in orphanages, and is working towards a day where every child can grow up in a loving home. Partnering with them is UK AID, who will match every donation made for the duration of the campaign. The campaign is supported by Youtube and powered by Google Cloud platform.

As the End the Silence Agency we worked closely with Hope and Homes to bring the the vision to life by building a compelling custom platform for users to upload their most precious musical memories, and share with friends and family. Users can see celebrity-driven content and are given the tools to find their own song through which to tell their story, and share their unique memory across social channels. They can then donate based on the length of song, year of release, or an amount of their choosing.

This best-in-class website acts as a hub to collate artist’s videos and user-generated stories, allowing users to connect with friends and family, create playlists, browse other people’s memories, and donate to help the cause. Leaderboards for most the popular songs are organised by donations, number of shares, and times added, so users can find the song that was most popular during their childhood, or search for a particular era. The campaign has seen great success, and has been featured in The Telegraph, NME, and Music Week