Flip It to Win It

By 28th February 2017Agency Life, Culture, Uncategorised

The Race is On.

Every year on Shrove Tuesday, Spitalfields plays host to a pancake relay race in Dray Walk at the Old Truman Brewery. It’s a BYOFP (bring your own frying pan) kinda deal, and all money raised as part of the event goes to a local charity (this year was for London’s Air Ambulance). Participants race back and forth, often in a mish-mash of creative costumery for the chance to have their name forever engraved on a golden frying pan, as well as a host of other covetable prizes.

This year (after months of intense mental and physical training) Like Digital entered their well-conditioned team of four, christened “There’s No I in Pancake”. Presenting a diverse and intimidating force, Darth Vader, Batman, a Chef, and a Scotsman volunteered to represent our agency, having been perfecting their wrist-flipping skills for weeks now.

There were three heats, and each subsequent round added to the intensity. Luckily for us the team thrives under pressure, and we persevered. The final round showcased the kind of team we are– focused, conditioned, and all eyes on the prize (or pan). It was a tight race, and with every handing over of the pan the pressure mounted. When our trusty Scotsman crossed over the finish line, it wasn’t clear whether we had it, but luckily there was recorded footage declaring us the undisputed winners.

It was an emotional moment, to know all the training and hard work had paid off. The team graciously accepted the prize, and while we didn’t share all of our training secrets, we did promise to be back to defend our pan next year.

Until then, happy Pancake Day.