The arrangement between a client and an agency is like a relationship. Seriously.

A friend introduced you, or perhaps you met online.

You meet, maybe there’s a spark, an initial attraction and glimpse of exciting possibilities. This relationship could really go somewhere. You decide to get together somewhere more official, to see if there is potential for the future. If so, then the real work begins. We might call it ‘Discovery and Documentation’ but in reality, you are essentially facebook stalking, checking out who they used to date, and whether they have crazy relatives. You start to meet their friends, and hear the weird stories like the time when they were convinced that bowl haircuts were just the ‘coolest thing ever’.

Of course, all this (and so much more) starts to be recorded in your ‘Workflow Max’, AKA your dating diary, where you note down every minute you spend together. As with every relationship, there are some ‘non-negotiables’ that are set out, those important brand identity details that they are not going to change- perhaps they are vegetarian, or afraid of spiders? It’s vital to ensure clear communication from the beginning, important dates, who pays for dinner, any birthdays or events to attend.

Then it’s time to meet the family – your Mother the project manager, your Brother the developer. You make a group chat to keep everyone in the loop, and plan weekly Tuesday night dinners. If you feel it’s appropriate you might invite your cousin the techie along, just to help out a bit.

The next steps.

Fast forward a bit.. Things are developing well, milestones have been reached and crossed (user journeys, web and mobile designs, CMS training, etc.), you’ve even created social media accounts, which makes you ‘Facebook Official.’ There have been a few adjustments and hiccups along the way, some late night phone calls and long meetings, but that just comes with the territory. You are in a committed relationship, in it for the long haul. Everything is on schedule, and there are definitely wedding bells in the air.

Then, almost too suddenly, the big day is almost here. The launch date and time has been set, domain name purchased, and everyone is buzzing around with excitement, oohing and aahing at the design, the decor, how easy it is to navigate! It is all hands on deck as everyone joins together to test-drive the site, ensuring that nothing is amiss. Everything is in its place, the hour has come, and– it is amazing how quickly these moments pass us by– with a click the site is live. Congratulations to the happy couple! This calls for champagne and celebration, and many toasts to a long and prosperous partnership.