Vision Casting

By 10th January 2017Agency Life, Culture, SMEs

There is so much more to creating a driven and positive company culture than regulations and meetings. You can have all the systems in place, deadlines, incentives, regular break times and pizza nights. But if the vision of what you are doing and why you are working isn’t there, if it is not ingrained into your work, providing perspective and drive, then when the going gets tough, or boring, or dry, the goer will grind to a halt (or at least downshift to a snail’s pace).

Why do you do what you do? And why do you do what you do with the people, and for the people you are doing it with? Do you believe in your company’s mission? Do you even know it? One of the foremost questions I ask someone who I am meeting for the first time (after the obligatory ‘what do you do?’) is ‘do you enjoy it?’ Because even if they are doing what I might consider to be rather dull, if they find life in it, if they have caught hold of the greater vision of what they do then even if it is completely boring (to my mind) it is interesting, it is worth doing. And in my experience, one of the main reasons people enjoy what they do is because they have someone who has sold them on the vision, the purpose of it.

So, vision casting.

This comes from your top leaders , but feeds all the way down the chain of command. Essentially, it is the ability of your boss to communicate the greater vision and purpose, the mission of your company, the whole reason you are there. It is making what you do feel like it’s worth it, even– especially– when you are slogging through those boring data entry tasks, or doing inventory, or cleaning out the supply closet. Even when it may not literally feel like it’s worth it, vision gains you some perspective. When your only task for the day is to shuffle through a pile of papers from point a to point b, if you achieve that, you can take great satisfaction in knowing it is a job well done.

The Vision Caster leader is always pointing towards the greater purpose behind what you do. He or she is empowering you to own your tasks, giving worth to your job.

Practically, how might this look?

> Reminding you of what you are working towards. Consistently.

> Being passionate about their own ‘menial’ tasks.

> Accountability.

> Stretching you in your role.

> Celebrating the small victories.

The ultimate goal within this is for everyone to catch and in turn cast the vision for others, fostering unity and cohesion within your workplace.