Small Company Advantages

We are a small, diverse group of multitalented individuals, and are lucky enough to have members of our team who have worked in some large agencies and for very big name clients. And, while it may be those big agencies who get their name up in lights most of the time and have a bit more weight to throw around, for us the consensus is clear: smaller is better.

Why, you might ask? Well, let me count the ways:

1: People

Take the necessity for strong company culture in a large organisation, and then multiply it by fifty. In smaller companies, people interact with everyone else in the agency on a daily basis. If their attitude or personality isn’t a right fit, or they don’t get along with someone in a different department, avoiding that person is not exactly an option. Thus, we are more particular about fit, and hiring people who fit our company culture, who are multidisciplinary, and have an ‘all in’ mentality.

2: Flexibility

Smaller agencies are adaptable, fast-paced, and they move, not slowed down by numerous systems and bureaucracy that often plague larger organisations

3: Transparency 

Even beyond how it is ingrained into our everyday practice, small agencies simply tend to be more available. The person who answers the phone is more than likely to be intimately familiar with the client’s case, there are less people to miscommunicate, and clients have the opportunity to get to know everyone who is working on a project.

4: Risk

We don’t play it safe. There isn’t any cushion of security that breeds complacency.

5: Creativity

Our developers sit next to our designers, who in turn rub elbows with our managers and marketers. This means that when someone needs to talk through something, the whole office ends up hearing it and is able to give input. This translates to a more diverse set of backgrounds and skills being applied to an idea or problem, which tends to generate ideas that are more ‘out of the box’ than they would be otherwise.

Waxing eloquent about the advantages of SMEs is not to degrade larger agencies in any way, in fact they do tend to have the upper hand in many situations (think global campaigns), they often attract top talent and can produce excellent work. But, there is just something about being small.